Can I Make a Claim?

Abused adult female

At GLP Solicitors we understand that discussing the abuse can be very difficult and distressing and will be one of the most difficult things you ever have to do. We offer a sensitive and confidential service by specialists experienced in dealing with abuse compensation claims. We have specialists who will guide and support you through the process step by step.

Whether you have suffered abuse as a child or as an adult we can help you to claim compensation. If you are a parent or carer looking after a child or young person we can also assist you in claiming compensation for the child.

A claim can be brought whether you have suffered sexual or physical abuse.

Who will I claim against?

Depending on the circumstances there may be a few options we can pursue.

  1. Directly against the individual responsible
  2. Against the individual’s employer if the abuse occurred at an organisation where the individual worked. A claim may be able to be brought against the organisation as they may be liable for the acts of their employees. Our specialists have experience in taking action against foundations, youth clubs, children’s homes, schools and religious organisations
  3. The person or body who failed to protect you from the abuse such as the local authority
  4. It may also be possible to make an additional claim to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. We specialise in claims for Criminal Injuries Compensation. The Criminal Injuries Scheme is a government run scheme and can pay compensation to innocent victims of violent crimes for physical or psychological injuries, lost earning capacity and other expenses such as the cost of being looked after and supported

For further information about the Criminal Injuries Scheme please visit our Criminal Injuries Website

Is there a time limit?

However long ago the abuse occurred, you may still be able to claim.

The courts and Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority can use their discretion to allow claims that occurred in childhood. The courts understand in these types of cases that there are many reasons why victims do not come forward earlier.

Will I need to go to court?

The thought of going to court can be very daunting, however, the majority of civil cases are successfully concluded without the need for a trial.

Will I have to pay?

Your solicitor will give you advice on the options available before taking your case on.

We can take abuse cases on what is known as a no win no fee basis. This means there are no up front costs.

What will I receive compensation for?

  1. The abuse or the psychological injuries sustained as a result of the abuse. This will be based on expert medical evidence which we would obtain
  2. It is possible to obtain compensation for past and future loss of earnings. This is dependant on the circumstances in each case
  3. The cost of any treatment that has been recommended by a medical expert

In some cases we have received apologies for clients which is in our experience as important to clients as receiving the compensation. It is possible for us to request an apology.

If you are thinking about making a claim for compensation for abuse that occurred either in childhood or as an adult please contact one of our experts for a free, confidential no obligation consultation.

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